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Should You Get a Pond?

It may seem a little fishy to be thinking about a pond this time of year, but why not get excited about something you really want? Backyard ponds are beautiful additions to outdoor landscapes and the idea of having one isn’t too far-fetched. With an explanation of key benefits, you might want to move forward with making your dream pond a reality. It is very likely that you’ll find the decision was well worth the effort.

water-2655622_1280Aesthetically, a pond is beautiful and alluring. It’s such an eye-catching feature for multiple reasons. At first glance, well-maintained ponds can be an opportunity for landscaping. Colorful flora and decor can make a pond seem fantastical. Even adding a waterfall can make relaxing by the pond a tranquil experience. Ponds offer an escape that can actually cool the air on a hot day (due to water evaporation) and lull you to sleep at night with the natural sounds of toads and wildlife. The animals and plants in your pond can be quite dazzling, giving a display not found elsewhere. And nothing compares to the sheer joy of feeding your fish. With all the creative ways to set up a pond, you might find yourself experimenting with lighting and showcasing it with stylistic choices. Ponds can be extremely satisfying if well-kept, yet still offer more than just a beautiful sight.

underwater-1529206_1280You can create a self-sustaining ecosystem in your pond with proper planning and building. Some ponds are almost maintenance-free and require only occasional water changes. Ponds can collect rainwater and refill themselves, meaning that once you fill your pond, you won’t have to change it for a while. Your pond can even be used to water soil-based plants around your yard, allowing you to conserve water. You can even grow food like wild rice in your pond and appreciate the taste of your own home-grown crops.

afra-ramio-PDussqhfULg-unsplashPonds not only create an environmental awareness for those who get to experience them, they attract wildlife as well. Your pond can support the animals in your area and be considered a gathering place for many local birds, dragonflies, toads, and insects. These creatures will greatly appreciate your oasis and will likely heighten your interest in maintaining a pond.

Other than the beauty and benefits of the pond itself, the land it takes up won’t need any pesticides, chemicals, or fertilizer, thus reducing the environmental harm of maintaining a lawn. Even the “sludge” of nutrients a pond produces can be used as a natural fertilizer, thereby further aiding the health of the flora and fauna without using any hazardous methods.

maja-r-g48qHsWhvPw-unsplashThere many different types of fish and plants that all work well together to maintain the pond environment, and with your help, the pond can stay clean and well maintained so that both you and the wildlife can enjoy the beautiful escape. Take some time to find the right creatures for your pond.

If you’re thinking of getting a pond, now is a good time to start looking into the process, location, and resources needed to make it successful. And, while mapping out your vision, you can look for inspiration on our site for different ways to style your space. Visit to learn more!


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