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Score A Scooter

Two small wheels. A handle bar made from a 2 x 4. Maybe a piece of pipe. From these very humble origins, the scooter or “kick scooter” was born. According to some sources, these scooters have been around almost 100 years, and were first assembled by kids (and probably a helpful parent) who would re-purpose old roller skate wheels and then craft a simple way to get down the street faster!


Many, many variations have been created and refined over the years. Two wheels. Four wheels. Aluminum construction. Faster wheels. And on and on — yet the original concept basically holds true today.

Scooters_2225 is proud to offer you and your kids a line of kick scooters that are built to old-time quality standards; powder-coated steel frames, air-filled rubber tires and even front handbrakes. These products are not “one and done,” they are meant to be used for years and even handed down to the younger ones as your children age.


Our scooters also come with accessories like front baskets and front and rear lights for more visibility and safety. Take a look at our selection and imagine how much fun it might be to borrow your kids scooter for a quick trip to your neighbor’s or the coffee shop! And by the way, scooters are actually very good for cross-training, as the movement of the legs in kicking helps to get the entire body involved.


Bonus interesting point: Some Amish communities which don’t allow bike riding do allow scooters!




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