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Pat’s TOP TIP for Fast Handmade Cards

My paper collection is somewhat modest when compared to my fabric collection, but don’t let it fool you. Paper is slim and it stacks nice, and the ‘quantity’ I possess does not take up space.

In that pile of paper is the power to create unique, wonderful, personal CARDS!  I love cards! I make them like crazy and send them out like a madwoman. Don’t you love getting REAL mail? The kind that comes in your big box at the end of the driveway. Where you touch the  envelope and wonder what is inside?

So what is my Secret? My Top Tip?

Buying BLANKS! Yes indeed.. start with a package of card blanks and envelopes that fit the blank. You will be creating personal and heartfelt cards in no time.

Here is the step by step… it’s easy!


Just a few things are needed, Card blanks, envelopes, some paper, rub-on phrases.. maybe a few stickers! Of course you can use a lot more… maybe next time!


Audition 2 pieces of paper. I offset mine beause I’m crazy like that.


Trim the papers to fit your card.  Now you’ll need a great adhesive. I like good glue sticks, sticky dots, and double sided runner tapes. Try a few to see what works for you


When I glue paper to paper I spread the glue across the whole back. If using a double sided tape I’d put it just along the edges.


Take your rub-on, or sticker, for the note inside. You can find great sayings online. has many to get you started, hand write the message or type into your computer and print it out with nifty fonts.


The final inside and outside of the card!


Until next week, go make something!


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Great post Pat. I have alot of the stuff needed to make my own cards and the paper cutter I bought works great for coupons too. 😉 I’ve only made a few though. I did make my own baby shower invitations about 3 yrs ago however for my first grandchild. I gave a baby shower for the Mom and went all out since it was our first grandchild. The invitations turned out just super adorable although I did have a great person who helped me make them too. It was an online friend who became an ‘in person’ friend that lived not too far from us. She is VERY much into making just gorgeous cards and offered to help me out plus I was lucky that she had everything you could ask for to make cards in her house. She is so into the hobby that she became a seller of one of the major companies that sell cardmaking supplies and stamps so she could get a discount on her stuff and make a little bit on the side too. It can be very addicting and yes, it’s SO much fun. It doesn’t surprise me that with your skills in color matching of fabrics that you’d make beautiful cards as well.


I have made a few cards. Now you have inspired me to get more supplies and make some cards! Your tips make it easy to do. Thanks – Sue

pat sloan

Tell me if you make cards.. use blanks.. want to make cards…. love to hear from you!

Lynette Bramman

Yes. I make all my own cards and love doing so. I stitch some and stamp some. Have been doing it for a long time. I try to do two the same so I have one spare if I am short on time.


I love to make cards. I take card classes with a friend. I like the classes where we make at least 6 cards. Its a fun evening out with a friend, and I go home with cards and the mess is not at my house!


And, you can sew or fuse fabric to card blanks!! Deocrative stitches that are only straight lines work best on paper (zig zag, Grecian boxes, and other geometric stitches), rather than stitches that are intended to give a curved look (hearts, flower petals, etc.).


I love making cards and mailing them to friends. I think of it as a gift in an envelope. Sometimes I cut my own cards, but most often I use the store bought card blanks. My family has made out Christmas cards for 29 years. We take turns. I have pieced quilt squares with fabric and ironed them on to cards using fusible web, stamped cards, cut our gingerbread men and attached them, embossed cards, used rhinestones, colored stamped images, printed out copies of an original drawing, and more. I also make card sets in a cute handmade folder to give as gifts. I have a friend who keeps all the cards and puts them in her scrap books, and my mother has framed some of them.
Thank you Pat.


I have card blanks and a few things that I got to make cards. I wasn’t happy with the ones I made, now I see how I can make cute cards. I will have to revisit the card making.


I have my stash of blanks, stickers, and papers now to just get busy on making cards. I have scrapbooking, quilting and need a few more hours in a day to get done everything I work on.

Sarah Vee

Great article, Pat! I started making cards for birthdays and have had some very happy recipients. That little extra care to make it with your own 2 hands – with a personal greeting is great. You can buy a lot of card making materials for the price of a card these days. I’ve even added numbers from selvages for birthday cards – it only works for young birthdays:)

Linda Witt

I’m a long time follower of your creativity and a big time cardmaker. When I started my blog it was supposed to be for both quilting and cards, mostly stamped. However, cards took over. I still quilt but find it harder to blog about it. I still am amazed at how you do all you do. Thank you.

Dawn Stout

I quilt ,scrap-book and make cards, however, quilting seems to be taking more of my time lately. Love giving and receiving home made cards. thanks for the ideas….keep up the good work!!!


I only ever tried to make cards once. I enjoyed it but didn’t know enough about it.

Sharon Andersen

Nice Idea….I Love making “homemade” cards….and my family and friends love receiving them! Thank you for the ideas!


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