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Passover and Easter Entertaining Ideas

Passover and Easter are both festivals celebrated in the spring. Depending on which holiday you celebrate, the vivid colors of either dyed eggs or the Seder plate ingredients are fresh reminders of new beginnings. It’s the perfect time to entertain.

Passover is the major Jewish spring festival that commemorates the liberation of the Israelites from Egyptian slavery. This year, it begins the evening of April 3 and lasts until the evening of April 11.

Easter falls on April 5 this year and commemorates Jesus Christ’s resurrection, symbolizing the eternal life that is granted to all Christians who believe in Him.

But, for some, it’s a day for the whole family or friends to come together and share a meal or conversation.

Passover Entertaining

Ideas for The K’arah
Many of the foods found on a Passover table have meaning. The ceremonial plate, the k’arah, contains these symbolic foods.
Passover's ceremonial plate, the k'arah. Photo credit:

Passover’s ceremonial plate, the k’arah. Photo credit:

Some of these are eaten during the Seder. Here are six items found on the plate:
1. Beitzah – Hard-boil or roast an egg to symbolize mourning and renewal. The way it’s cooked represents how slavery strengthened the Jewish people.
2. Charoset – Use a colorful, earthy mixture of apples, cinnamon, nuts, and wine to symbolize the sweet freedom of the Jewish people and the mortar Israelites used to build the pyramids.
3. Chazaret – Use romaine lettuce. This is also used in a Hillel sandwich (made of charoset and matzo) during Seder.
4. Karpas – Use a green vegetable or herb, such as parsley. Dip it into salt water to symbolize the slave’s tears.
5. Maror – Use horseradish to remember the slave’s bitter life.
6. Z’roa – Martha Stewart recommends using a ‘roasted shank bone to commemorate both ancient sacrifice and the mark made with lamb’s blood on the Jewish slaves’ doorposts.’
For a traditional Seder dinner, pair matzo ball soup with gefilte fish and fresh beet horseradish. Get ready to wow your guests with steamed asparagus and chocolate almond cake.
Easter Entertaining Ideas
If you have children or grandchildren, you’ve most likely already bought their candy to stuff into their Easter baskets! So, you don’t have to worry too much about that!
And, Easter meals vary from family to family – ham is very popular, while lamb is also a favorite. Easter brunch is a very popular choice, too.
But, what’s fun about Easter is the sweet innocence of kids visiting the Easter bunny and parents playing hide and go seek with their children’s Easter baskets or eggs.
Peeps are a staple of Easter candy and one of the most widely known Easter candies. You can actually do a lot more with peeps than just eat them!

Photo credit:

There are surprisingly many DIY craft ideas out there using Peeps!

We love this Peep tree! Using a crafty centerpiece exclaims celebration by brightening up any dining table.
These peeps are held in with toothpicks one by one into a Styrofoam ball. A wooden stake was put through a Styrofoam ball on each end. Then, jellybeans were added to the pot, creating a very fun, unique decoration! Learn how to make this topiary.
And, from all of us at, we hope you have a wonderful holiday filled with good food and good company.


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