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3 Creative Outdoor Lighting Ideas

The benefit of having a great outdoor living space is that you never feel like the walls are closing in. But, when the sun goes down – your party shouldn’t have to end!

Outdoor lighting is just as essential as comfy, adorable furniture and a shady, romantic Pergola. And, the best part about outdoor lighting? Installing it is the easiest and least expensive way to create an outdoor space with a distinctive mood. Below are three outdoor lighting must-have ideas:

DIY Outdoor Lighting Idea

Outdoor lighting has become an essential building block of the outdoor living foundation. As traditional, old school ideas like floodlights made their way onto the scene; fun DIY outdoor lighting ideas have made their grand entrance as functional focal points.

We love this wine bottle torch idea – it’s a clever take on what has become the ordinary – tiki torch.

Recycle a used wine bottle into a modern outdoor lighting fixture. Read the full tutorial here.

Landscape Lighting Ideas

Take advantage of all the features outdoor lighting has to offer! Think past what lighting can provide for you and your guests and really think about its design purpose.

You can highlight landscape design and beautiful outdoor structures and/or your home with outdoor lighting.

Try using path lights to add color and texture. If you place them near colored plants, you can show off your garden even after the sun sets!

And, if you have a landscape structure like a Pergola, Ramada or Gazebo, you probably already have an outdoor ceiling fan equipped with a light or maybe a chandelier, but consider installing post cap lights.’s Sirius Post Cap Lights are great for staircases, garden bridges, and your patio.

Outdoor Party Lighting Ideas

This blog post is all about placing lights in areas of your outdoor living space that need some attention!

Outdoor living experts consistently focus on outdoor lighting that hangs over top your dining tables or lighting that actually displays as the table’s centerpiece. But, don’t neglect your bar and buffet table – they need lighting help, too!

These tables may be located far from electrical outlets, so there’s an easy solution: fill clear apothecary bottles with lamp oil and wicks. Then, set the bottles on a glass cake stand and cover the bottles with a large glass hurricane for protection.

With our ideas, you can make your outdoor space a way of connecting with your neighbors, family, and friends. Check out’s outdoor lighting section for more inspirational outdoor lighting ideas!


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