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6 Mid-Course Corrections for Your Summer Garden

Is your garden in need of a mid-summer spruce? Are summer storms and heat taking a toll on plants that looked absolutely perfect just a month ago? If so, we’ve got a few words for you which will help you to get your garden looking great again.


Trim! Many annuals tend to get “leggy” about now. Leggy petunias and growing-out-of-control impatiens will greatly benefit from a good trimming. The flowers which remain will look better and come back even stronger because the plant’s energy is now being directed to new growth.CUT-1

Cut! Cutting back certain perennials to half of their existing height will encourage repeat blooming which can last even into late fall. Some of these repeat bloomers include: delphinium, veronica, phlox, coneflowers and, of course, roses.


Deadhead! Deadheading (removing spent blossoms) is key to having a healthy, continuously-flowering plant. When a plant has to devote energy to maintain spent blossoms, it cannot divert that energy to creating new blossoms quickly.


Water! Regular watering is essential to a beautiful, thriving garden. But, it can be a tricky proposition. Watering too much or at the wrong time of day can lead to flower-killing fungi. Water early in the day or late in the evening for maximum impact and be aware that some plants, like dahlias, zinnias and cosmos, need to be watered carefully in order to prevent the formation of fungi such as powdery mildew and black spot.


Fertilize! It’s not enough to fertilize occasionally. As the season moves along, your flowering plants are growing bigger and need to be fed more often. And, don’t forget about your flowers in pots and containers. They need to be fertilized even more than your in-ground plants.REPLACE-2

Replace! Every summer season, even a gardener with the greenest of green thumbs has plants, which for no apparent reason, simply die.   And, of course, these plants are always in a very conspicuous part of the garden. When this happens, if you want to keep the garden beautiful you need to replace the dead plants with some healthy annuals.

Mid-course corrections are necessary in all summer gardens so, don’t despair. With a little bit of effort, you’ll add months and months to the growing season in your beautiful garden!



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