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5 Gardening Apps You Need in 2018

Gardening is supposed to be the ultimate in “low tech” but that doesn’t mean that you can’t let technology give you a hand when you need it. Got bugs, weeds or plants you can’t identify? We’ve got an app for that! Need some design inspiration? We’ve got an app for that, too. These apps will connect you to a world of information and, in some cases, a community of gardeners whose experience you can draw upon.

1. GrowIt! GrowIt! is like Facebook . . . but for gardeners. You connect with a community and you can share info, photos and ask questions about any gardening concerns you may have. You can also search on the extensive GrowIt database to find new plants and where to buy them.


2. Leafsnap. Can’t identify a tree, shrub or plant in your yard? With Leafsnap you take a photo of a leaf against a white background and this electronic field guide will identify it for you. Currently the plant database is a bit Northeast-centric, but plans are in the works to expand it to cover trees and plants nationwide.


3. iScape. iScape is an app you will absolutely love. With this app you can create a digital model of your front yard. Want to see how favorite trees and plants might look in front of your house? With iScape you can see your landscape design in 3D before you buy a single plant.


4. MyGardenAnswers. MyGardenAnswers is currently the #1 downloaded garden app for a very good reason. It helps gardeners solve problems. Can’t identify a plant? Point and click with this app and you get the answer. Need help to rid your garden of a pest? Expert advice is there at your fingertips.


5. PerennialMatch. You may love two flowers and hope they’ll grow side-by-side but it doesn’t always work out that way. With the PerennialMatch app you can build a garden that works with your climate zone, your amount of sun and even your height preferences. Just input your preferences and it will tell you which plants will thrive together in your garden.


Whether you are a novice gardener or an expert, once you use one or more of these garden apps, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without them!



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