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Fantastic Fountains For Your Garden or Yard

The splash of a fountain in your garden or backyard brings a sense of peace and harmony. This soothing “soundtrack” is also music to the ears of birds who are instinctively attracted to fountains. If you’ve been thinking about adding a fountain (or two!) to your outdoor space. Here are some things to consider before making your ultimate selection:

1. Visibility. A fountain should be placed in a high visibility area so that it won’t be overshadowed by other objects and so that everyone can enjoy it.

2. Sound Level. Make sure the fountain is close enough to be heard but far enough away that the sound is not bothersome.

3. Water Source. Place your fountain close to a nearby water source so that it can be easily refilled, if necessary.

4. Power Supply. Like your water source, a power supply should be within a few feet of the fountain’s location.

5. Safety. If you are concerned about children touching or playing near the fountain, take steps to make sure it is out of reach of curious little fingers!

Once you’ve sussed out the logistics of where your fountain is going to go, you’ll need to decide what fountain style suits your space.

Our Concrete Bayborough Fountain is a classic choice, a beautiful hand-sculpted fountain which complements any garden setting. The concave dish on top adds an additional dimension as it allows water to flow into the bottom basin.


The Concrete Oriental Style Fountain is one of our best sellers and combines rustic stone appeal with a modern geometric design. The sound quality of this fountain is sublime which makes it perfect for both decks and patios.


Enjoy the wonderful sound of falling water with our unique, hand-sculpted Concrete Flat Rock Fountain. It’s easy to assemble and looks amazing in any garden!


Transform your backyard or garden into a relaxing retreat with a beautiful fountain from today!



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