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Enter to win $1,000 at the Create Your Outdoor Fifthroom Photo Contest!

As spring begins to blossom, we (Fifthroom Markets) wanted to help  homeowners create their own Outdoor Fifthroom.  An Outdoor Fifthroom is a vacation destination at home in the backyard.  Fifthroom Markets has all of the patio furniture and garden structures homeowners need to create enviable outdoor living spaces, or Outdoor Fifthrooms.

The contest invites submitters to upload a current photo of their porch, patio, deck or outdoor space.  Then, contestants find the patio furniture or backyard structures they would use to make it over into a beautiful, functional Outdoor Fifthroom.  Using the photo caption box to talk about the products they chose and why they chose them, contestants can create a true design scheme and decorating plan to share with their family and friends.

The contest is open to all fans of the Fifthroom Markets fan page, and the contest is receiving submissions until Thursday, April 21.  The following day, on Friday, April 22, all approved submissions will open for voting.  Anyone can vote for their favorite Outdoor Fifthroom plan, as well as share the contest to encourage others to vote.

The contestant with the most votes on Tuesday, May 3rd winds a $1,000 Fifthroom Markets gift card.  The first runner up wins a $100 Fifthroom Markets gift card and the second runner up wins a $50 Fifthroom Markets gift card.

We wanted to give contestants a chance to really show their design ideas, not just have people compete for the most lavishly decorated patio or even the saddest deck   We also didn’t want to just give away an outdoor furniture set as the grand prize, for fear that it wouldn’t be exactly what the homeowner wanted.

We created this contest to serve the contestants perfectly; to help a homeowner purchase the perfect patio furniture that they picked out for their unique Outdoor Fifthroom. Great ideas deserve great rewards. This isn’t just a contest of who deserves it most, but of who can create the most successful Outdoor Fifthroom from what they already have and what we have to offer.

Contestants can visit the Fifthroom Markets Facebook fan page to enter a shot of their outdoor space as it is today, as well as a list of Fifthroom Markets patio furniture and backyard structures that would make it perfect.

We hope that everyone has fun exercising their inner designer and shopping for a chance to win a $1,000 Fifthroom Markets gift card!



This will be fun!


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