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DIY Birdbaths

One way to make your backyard more interactive is to add elements that will draw local wildlife. Perhaps, you’re not really interested in getting all of the neighborhood rabbits to congregate in your garden, but a nice piece to include might be a birdbath. Birdbaths are a common find and are often taken for granted. They may seem like an artistic accent, but they are really meant to serve a purpose. Giving your feathered friends a place to meet and practice healthy habits can be beneficial to the avian community near you and can also be an enjoyable experience.

Birdbaths are intended for exactly what their name suggests; a place for birds to bathe. You may choose to purchase your birdbath or you may look for ways to get a little more creative. No matter which option you pursue, there are some key things to keep in mind to make your birdbath more pleasant for the birds.


The first question you might have when you finally have a birdbath is where to put it in your yard. If you can find a shaded area surrounded by trees or low-hanging branches, that’s your best bet. Shade keeps the water in the bath cooler and more refreshing. Branches provide a place for the birds to preen themselves after they bathe. By determining an area that meets the various needs of the birds, you’re more likely to get a following.

Shallow birdbaths are also more ideal because birds have short legs and they don’t like to go in water that’s too deep. Adding Pea Gravel or large rocks gives them better footing, thus making them feel less vulnerable when bathing.


Cleaning and changing the birdbath every two to four days is also strongly encouraged. Stagnant water can house bacteria that can lead to the loss of feathers and avian diseases. As you may have already guessed, birds tent to avoid a dirty bath.

You also want to consider what color your birdbath is. Most birds are attracted to bright colors like red, yellow, and blue. If you’re looking to attract Hummingbirds, the color red is the way to go. Most birds strongly dislike the color white. A white birdbath may send them the other way because they find bright white to be alarming, but creamier colors seem to work just fine.


Many people like to keep their birdbaths consistent with a particular theme and often try new ways of creating them. Because the birdbath most commonly consists of a base and a bowl, recreating the basic shapes isn’t too difficult.

Using stacking as a method to create the birdbath base, people have come up with some really unique concepts. Some of them include stacking books and teacups. Others simply use flat rocks for a more natural look. On top of their stack, they’ll often put items like plates, shallow glass pans, or even galvanized garbage can lids.


Some creatives don’t opt for stacking because using household items can include an additional process requiring adhesives and sealants. These individuals look for items already resembling a base and often select vases or even tomato cages with clay saucers cradled in the top. Jewels, decorative stones, and even glitter have been added to give a birdbath a little something extra as well.

When choosing to construct your own birdbath, be sure to choose materials that are eco-friendly and don’t pose a hazard to the birds or other animals. Creating a place for the birds to gather requires some responsibility on your part. Maintaining the cleanliness, safety, and availability of your birdbath are all practices that lend to the success of drawing birds.


If watching birds is your thing, you may want to check out our blog post titled, “Birding 101” where you can learn the basics about how to prepare for a good bird watching session as well as how to become more familiar with the local species in your area and beyond. For more bird resources, visit for Birdbaths as well as Bird Houses and Feeders. We also offer a huge selection of everything outdoor decor. From Furniture to Garden Structures, you can create the great outdoor escape that you’ve always wanted. And if it’s nice out, maybe you’ll want to step back from the screen and get crafty. This could be your calling to go build a completely unique birdbath that won’t only be rewarding for you; but for the birds also.



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