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Decorate Your Thanksgiving Table with DIY Centerpieces

Getting creative doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. This year’s hottest trend for decorating your Thanksgiving table: repurposing those fall findings that you may already have lying around in your backyard.

If you want to wow your guests at Thanksgiving with a gorgeous, unique centerpiece amongst the turkey, cranberry sauce and stuffing (my mouth is watering as I write this), here are a few ideas:

Use mini-pumpkins as candleholders
Whether you choose orange or white-colored pumpkins, these repurposed candleholders will give a fresh look to a common fall find. Or you can use a medium to large sized pumpkin that can serve as a vase for the beautiful flowers mentioned below!

Pick seasonal flowers
The floral department of your local grocery store probably looks a lot different than it did a few months ago when it was stocked with roses and daisies. At this time of year, opt for in-season bouquets like miniature pumpkins, berries and spider mums.

Display your menu…on a pumpkin!
All you need for this project is a tall pumpkin, paint and a paintbrush. You most likely put a lot of time into thinking about your Thanksgiving meal recipes and cooking them. Well, displaying them should be just as important! So, channel that inner creativity into writing a script font of your menu items right on the pumpkin.

The Menu Pumpkin. Photo by Merry Thought.

Slide a rustic wood tree slice under anything
These large wooden chargers can act as placemats for your food or for displaying those mini-pumpkin candleholders. Keep your color scheme to a neutral palette to make this fall finding work– try white plates, a brown table runner and a pop of color in your napkins and/or pumpkins.

These rustic wood tree slices are used as placemats. Photo by White Buffalo Styling Co.

But, remember— great decorations aren’t meant to cover up a table—they are meant to accent it. Imagine these beautiful centerpieces on one of’s tables in your outdoor room, like this 96” Teak Table and Chair Set. Or, take it inside on our Vintage High-Top Table and Chairs Pub Set.

Vintage High-Top Table and Chairs Pub Set by

Vintage High-Top Table and Chairs Pub Set by



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