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Bridges…All of Them

When I asked what should be highlighted this month, the answer was clear, bridges…all of them. Ancient feats of engineering have always fascinated modern society. While most surviving ancient structures from ancient times have become tourist destinations over the years, there are many ancient bridges are still functional today. I only had the time to highlight a few, but their stories, even the short versions, are absolutely fascinating.


The Arkadiko Bridge, built in the Golden Bronze Age (1300-1200BC) in Greece, is the oldest datable surviving bridge. Originally built as a part of the Grecian military road system, it is believed that it was built unusually wide in order to accommodate chariots. The most amazing part of the fact that this bridge is still in use today is that it is constructed from limestone boulders, and uses no discernable binding agent.


Completed in about AD 135, Ponte Sant’ Angelo (Bridge of the Holy Angel), originally called Aelian Bridge or Pons Aelius, was built to connect Rome to Emperor Hadrian’s mausoleum. With its seven stone arches, and span of 443 feet, the bridge is still considered to be one of Rome’s most beautiful structures. Today it serves strictly as a pedestrian bridge, as well as a reminder of the stunning beauty of the past, and a testament to its engineering brilliance.


The oldest surviving bridge in China, Anki (AKA Zhaozhou), was built in 605. At the time it was considered to be the most technologically advanced bridge in the world. In fact, the name literally translates to “Safe Crossing Bridge”. Standing not only the test of time, but also 10 floods, 8 wars, and countless earthquakes, all while only requiring repairs nine times since its construction, it’s safe to say that it has more than earned its name.

Bridge building is an artform that, when done correctly, results in a piece that can be enjoyed for years to come. While our bridges may not last as long as the ones mentioned above, they are handcrafted from the finest woods and hardware and are designed to last for years, resistant to termites, rust, and decay. This means that you and your loved ones will be able to enjoy them for decades to come. has a huge variety of styles, materials, and customizable options available in order to meet the needs of every customer. The types listed below are just scratching the surface of the possibilities that are available to you through our site. Not only are there a ton of options to start with, but you have the option to customize almost all of our structures, and bridges with our award-winning Design Wizard Technology. So, take a look at the Bridges…All of Them, that has to offer today!



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