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Fall Décor

As the nights get a little bit cooler, and the days begin to shorten, we can’t help but let our thoughts wander to the fall season, and by extension, fall décor. Whether you are looking forward to fuzzy socks and all things apple pie and pumpkin spice flavored, or desperately clinging to the last lingering rays of the summer sun, we have to admit that we can all feel the shift in the air. As this shift occurs, it is only natural to want to get into the fall spirit, so here I am to help you find a couple of great ideas for how to do that this year. This article is full of ideas that will hopefully inspire even more great ideas from those who read it.

Unique Ways to Use Pumpkins in Décor This Fall – I’m going to go ahead and assume we have all carved a pumpkin at least once in our lives. No one is knocking the importance of the quintessential pumpkin carving experience. If, however, you are looking for a slightly different vibe for some areas of your home, here are a few unique ways to use pumpkins to decorate this Fall.

  1. Etch Instead of Carving Your Pumpkins This Year: Etchings will last between 3-5 days naturally depending on temperature and other elemental factors. If you would like to preserve your etching (or carving) for a bit longer, then follow the instructions below.

You Will Need:

A Pumpkin
A Linoleum Cutter (For Etching)
Spray Bottle
Petroleum Jelly or Vegetable Oil

  • Wipe off any dirt/ pumpkin juice with a cloth.
  • Combine 1 Tablespoon of bleach per quart of water in your spray bottle and spray the exposed (etched or carved) parts and allow to dry.
  • Cover the exposed (etched or carved) parts with your petroleum jelly or vegetable oil.
  1. Create a Vase from Your Pumpkins: You can always buy a synthetic pumpkin vase if you don’t feel like carving one out, but if you do feel like carving one out yourself then follow the instructions bellow.

You Will Need:

Carving tools
Your Bleach Solution
A Glass or Jar
A Pumpkin

  • Carve out your pumpkin to the approximate size of your jar or glass.
  • Treat to preserve and let dry completely.
  • Place your jar or glass into your pumpkin and fill with water.
  • Fill with your chosen flowers, foliage, etc…
  1. Make Candleholders Out of Tiny Pumpkins: Simply carve out a hole the size of the candle that you would like to create the holder for. Then drip some melted wax into the pumpkin to secure the candle and place the it inside the hole.
  1. Use Metal Thumbtacks to Create Patterns and Designs in Your Pumpkins: Give your pumpkin décor a touch of your personal style by using metal thumb tacks to create your designs instead of carving, etching, or painting. You can even combine tactics for an incredibly cool and unique decorative pumpkin this fall.

Fun DIYs for The Fall – Some people are craftier than others, and those individuals will never cease to amaze me with their ability to make these amazing pieces look like a breeze to complete. That being said, there are in fact ways that even the least crafty among us can get a little creative without feeling like

  1. Make a Unique Fall Wreath: There are a ton of different ways to create a unique fall wreath for your home this season. You can keep it as simple or make it as complex as you want to. It’s all up to you! Leave links to the steps that you followed to make yours in the comments, or even a photo of how yours turned out.
  2. Spice up Your Indoor, and Outdoor Spaces, as Well as all of the Spaces In-between with Home Made Mason Jar Lanterns: You can really have some fun with this one. Gather unique jars from thrift stores, craft stores, or just use basic mason jars. Fill them with battery operated fairy lights and viola, you have a cute and cozy way to decorate both indoor and outdoor spaces.
  3. Turn Tomato Cages into Cute Fall “Trees”: Use tomato Cages wrapped with fall leaf garland, fairy lights, and more. Use it to decorate in or outdoor spaces!
  4. Spice Up Your Store-Bought Décor, or Throw a New Shine on Some Old or Thrifted Items: Pick up some metallic spray paint, glitter, twine, antique or rustic looking pieces and put your own spin on some of your decorations from previous years.
  5. Create a Fall Themed Terrarium to Display in Your Indoor, or Outdoor Spaces: Start with the basic setup of a classic terrarium, and then add in elements (real or fake) such as mini pumpkins and gourds, foliage, etcetera.

Add a Cozy Feel to Your Outdoor Spaces – If you are anything like me, your couch, bed, and pretty much every available indoor space is piled high with blankets the second there is a chill in the air. What about the outdoor spaces though? They could use some blankets too! If you are in need of an outdoor storage container to hold all of your blankets, or a gorgeous outdoor rug, has you covered. Check out our selections today!

  1. Add Rugs, Blankets, and Pillows to the Outdoor Furniture on Your Porch, or Inside Your Outdoor Structure: There is nothing quite like sitting out on the porch on a cool morning or evening, wrapped in a blanket and drinking something warm. If you have an outdoor structure, you have the perfect opportunity to furnish it with cozy furniture, rugs, blankets, and pillows, and create a great spot to take in nature this fall.
  2. Forage for Natural Fall Foliage to Use as Décor on Your Porch, or in Your Outdoor Structure: Going out and gathering your own décor is not only cutting back on plastic waste and being more sustainable, but as an added bonus it brings a gorgeous and natural element into the décor in your home.
  3. Use a Combination of These Ideas to Greet Guests: Line the entry-way, stairs, or sidewalk to your home or outdoor structure with a combination of the ideas that I have given you here to give your guests a warm and festive welcome to your home before they even come inside.

Check out for all of your outdoor furniture and structure needs. Remember though, that because we are still at the beginning of the fall season, a lot of us still have some warm sunny days left in the season. If you need a way to create shade in your backyard, check out this Blog Post from Porch about Bringing Shade to Your Outdoor Spaces with Sun-blocking Features.




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