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Waste is a huge problem in the world as a whole today, and most of us contribute to that waste every day without really thinking about it; upcycling is a way that everyone can decrease that waste. There are some things that are outside of our power, but when it comes to the things that we do have some say in we should be taking the time to consider the difference that we could make. Recycling is an obvious way to help to reduce the negative effect that we have on the planet. Most people know about the importance of reducing single-use plastic, and recycling cans and bottles, but those aren’t the only important things to do. Did you know that the textile industry is responsible for one fifth of the worlds industrial water pollution, and almost five percent of all landfill space, not to mention the air pollution? The textile industry and fast fashion are doing a lot of damage to our planet, and they are not the only industry having such a huge negative impact. Not everyone has the ability to make a huge difference on their own, but there are little things we can all do every day to help to curb this damage, and when we all stand together is when we make that difference. Just one of the little things  that we can all do is to upcycle and reuse things that we wouldn’t necessarily think twice about throwing out normally.

The definition of upcycling is as follows: “reuse (discarded objects or materials) in such a way as to create a product of higher quality or value than the original.” There are a ton of suggestions out there for how you can do this, but I have listed below some practical, some décor related, and some miscellaneous, but none the less interesting. While what I have listed here are simply a few things that can be upcycled and a handful of things they can be turned into, feel free to check out the articles in the sources section for links to the how-to articles, and to keep on learning about ways to upcycle, reuse, and even resell the items you might normally throw away. Without further ado, a few ways you can upcycle everyday items to save the planet, and your wallet, from unnecessary damage:



Dish Rack – File Folder

Glasses Case – Mini Sewing Kit

Corks – Coasters, Jewelry Hangers

T.P. Rolls – Jewelry Organizers

Drawers – Shelving

Old Jeans – Baskets, bags

Wine Bottles – Tiki torches

Washing Machine – Firepit

Ladder – Shelving, hanging (for pots, pans, plants, etc)

Crates – Book shelves, end tables, storage

Tea Cups – Candles, planters

Grocery Bags – Tote bag



Bundt Pan – Pumpkin

Grocery Bags – Doormat

Sweaters – Decorative Pillows

Shirts – Rugs, Pillows

Wine Bottles – Vases, Pendent Lamp

Old Jeans – Rugs

Old Maps – Revamp Furniture, coasters, etc

Windows – Gallery photo wall



Sweaters – Scarves, Headbands

Newspapers – Jewelry

Necktie – Necklaces

Shirts – Handbag, scarves, headbands

Pillowcase – Cosmetic bag


Upcycling is such an amazing way to keep using items that you might never think to keep otherwise. It can save you money, space, and make for fun activities while helping you to be a more responsible global citizen. Let me know in the comments if you have tried any of these, or if you have your own ways of upcycling. We are here to help you as you find ways to do this with the beautiful selection of recycled furniture, décor, and more available at

Make some extra cash:
Not only can being a more mindful consumer save you from spending unnecessary money, it can even make you more. We could all use a little extra cash, and if we can help the planet while we do that, why wouldn’t we? We live in an age where most of the world is at our fingertips at any given moment, which is the perfect time to start your side-hustle. Whether this is something you have been thinking about for a while now, or a fresh inspiration, selling home made (or home upcycled) goods can be something deeply fulfilling for a variety of reasons. Pretty much any of these ideas (and the many more out there) can be used to start your side-business. Let me know in the comments if you have been inspired by any of the ideas above!


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