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A Castle For Your Canine

When I was a kid, my beagle Skippy loved her dog house, despite its somewhat humble qualities. My father had wrangled a 35 gallon steel drum and had someone spray it with urethane foam to insulate it. The effect was something like a dog igloo! But it worked great and Skippy spent almost every night in it, even during snowstorms. I know that the current thinking is to bring your dog inside, but somehow Skippy lived to be 17 years old!


Flash forward to today. If you are someone who still wants to let your dog outside in the fresh air, day or night, then can help. And despite my dad’s genius with barrels and foam, our dog enclosures are a bit more sophisticated!

One of the important aspects of any dog house is quality construction, because, as we all know, even small dogs can be hard on their “things.” All of our enclosures are made in the USA and are built to last, whether you’ve got a Dachshund or a Leonberger! They come in a variety of sizes, too, and all of them (another important factor) keep your pet up off the ground, so that they can stay warm and dry.

Dura-Temp-Dog-Kennel-7102-AUp north people worry about keeping their best friend warm in the cold months, but our Dura-Temp Dog House is equally great in warmer climes, where daytime temps can get quite hot. The Dura-Temp house is sheathed in TechShield Radiant Barrier Sheeting, which is punctured with small holes called VaporVents. This product blocks up to 97% of the radiant heat from entering!

Dura-Temp-Dog-Houses-7099-AIf you’d like your dog to have some extra room to roam and still be safely enclosed, then consider stepping up to the Dura-Temp Dog Castle. (Yes, for the royal canine!) These larger structures come in a variety of sizes and colors and feature a shaded run that is protected with strong steel doors and chain link fencing. The base and flooring is pressure-treated to protect it from rot and insects.


If your canine still enjoys the thrill of the great outdoors, let help you house your hound in style!


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