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5 Outdoor Spring Cleaning Tips

It’s time to shake off the winter blues and get active again. Spring is here and spring cleaning goes for the outside of your home as much as for the inside. Since the weather is improving it’s the perfect time to spruce up your outdoor space.

1. Rake Those Leaves. This one makes me a little crazy. Remember last fall when you raked and bagged up every last leaf?? Yet now that the snow has melted it’s clear that quite a few more leaves fell while you weren’t looking! So, get out the rake and clear your lawn and garden and put those leaves directly into the compost pile.


2. Inspect The Lawn. Now that you’ve raked up the last of the leaves, take a good look at the lawn. Do you see moss? Bare spots? If you see moss and it is shallow-rooted, simply rake it out. For bare spots, “rough up” the soil a bit, including removing any dead grass, apply a good seed starter fertilizer and then put down grass seed. Cover with peat moss or straw and wait for the seed to germinate.


3. Mend Fences. Winter can be hard on fences whether they be wooden or metal. Inspect wood fences for any bug infestations or rot. If the fence is in good shape, scrape and paint. Metal fences can occasionally rust, so do a spot inspection. They also can pull away from the ground so make sure your fence is solidly in its intended spot.


4. Lawn Furniture. Time to uncover the furniture (or retrieve it from your garage or shed) and do an inspection. Good old soap and water do the trick for cleaning up most lawn chairs and tables but be sure to check the care instructions.

outdoor furniture with umbrella

5. Add Something New! Once you have everything looking good, break out your spring decor. New planters, bird feeders, benches or fountains will make everything look beautiful and give you the inspiration to kick off the winter blues and get energized for spring.

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