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4 Ways To Rock Your Jewelry

If you don’t see it, you probably won’t wear it.  So, it’s time to untangle that knot of jewelry stuffed in your dresser drawer and organize it. There are very practical reasons to get your jewelry in order.  For one thing, precious gems and metals are fragile and need protection.  For another, storing jewelry the right way helps you to remember what you have so that you can find it easily. Here are a few things to remember:


1.  Chains and necklaces will tie themselves together into knots if not separated.  And, those knots are very, very difficult to untangle. So make sure to put each necklace in its very own space.

2.  Gemstones scratch easily so, be sure to store each piece in its own compartment. Diamonds are especially hard and can easily scratch softer gems like opals or amethyst so, separate diamonds from all other gems. Pearls are the most “high maintenance” jewel of all and are best kept away from heat as well as all other pieces of jewelry.


3.  Create an organizational system you can live with.  You can go the traditional route and organize your jewelry by type (necklaces with necklaces, earrings with earrings, etc.) usage (everyday jewelry in one area, special occasion in another) or color.

Blog-Necklace4.  Find the perfect item for jewelry storage.  The traditional jewelry box or chest has been around for a long, long time and there’s a reason for that.  Because it works!  Not only does it long pretty in your bedroom, it’s also constructed with a perfect place for all types of jewelry.  At we have jewelry boxes and jewelry armoires which are as beautiful (well, almost as beautiful) as the jewelry you wish to store.


Our Queen Anne style jewelry armoire makes a lovely addition to any room. Available in either solid oak or cherry and available in six finishes, this handcrafted armoire comes with seven felt-lined drawers along with two unlined drawers.  The piece is finished with brass handles.


Our jewelry boxes come in two styles  —  Rosewood or Bluemist   —  in either oak or cherry.  Made with top quality, handcrafted construction, these jewelry boxes will organize and protect your treasures for years to come.



No matter what the price, the jewelry you have chosen is valuable to you. Keep it organized and safe and you’ll have those beautiful things for years to come.


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