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4 Mid-Winter Bloomers To Brighten Up Your Home

I don’t know about you but when February rolls around I start to long for the flowers in my garden in a big way. And, since there’s not a whole lot I can do about that (except ordering seeds and plants) the best thing to do is to bring blooms INSIDE the house. There are several reliable flowering plants which can add a bright spot to every room in your house.

1. Kalanchoe. It’s hard to call a winter bloomer totally fool-proof but this one comes close. When days are dark and gloomy, Kalanchoes give your home a much-needed burst of color. Coming in hues ranging from yellow to purple (with lovely reds and oranges in between) this plant is a hardy bloomer. Once the flowers are spent, pinch back the stems, add water, place near the window and in no time at all, it will bloom for you again and again.


2. Cyclamen. Cyclamens are a Christmas favorite. And the good news is that with a little care they can continue to bloom way past the holidays. Cyclamens actually thrive in cooler temperatures and require only indirect or filtered light to flower. The flowers come in reds, whites, pinks and purples but be careful about watering your cyclamen. Keep the foliage completely dry and make sure the soil is moist but well-drained.


3. Cymbidium Orchid. Once thought to be extremely delicate plants which could only grow in greenhouses, we now know that orchids, particularly the Cymbidium variety,  are easy to care for and easy to maintain over the long winter. These orchids come in a variety of colors including purples, pinks, whites and pale yellows and with the right kind of attention can last for months. But, beware. Orchids will quickly die when they are overwatered. Be careful to let the soil dry completely before watering again.


4. Jasmine. Jasmine not only look beautiful, they smell wonderful, too. Bright light during the day and cool temperatures at night will produce a profusion of star-shaped white flowers. These plants want and need to be pruned to stimulate branching and with the right care, your jasmine will bloom for you through winter right into spring.


Brighten your indoor world with these easy-to-grow beauties and your home will seem spring-like even on a cold winter day.



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