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3 Ways to Spend More Time in Your Outdoor Space

Fifthroom is based in Pittsburgh, Pa. So, when the warm weather kicks in, it seems as if people never want to leave their backyard! We just want to soak up those few months of summertime as much as we can.

The National Association of Home Builders’ (NAHB) “What Buyers Really Want” survey says nearly 80% of home buyers said patios and front porches are “essential” or “desirable.”

But, in reality, and maybe not in Pittsburgh – some home buyers aren’t using their patios and other outdoor spaces as much as you’d think.

A UCLA study puts the blame on our fascination with digital devices for keeping us cooped up indoors. The research participants spent less than half an hour each week in their outdoor space. It’s worth noting that these participants were Californians, too!

And, when your outdoor space looks dated, doesn’t have comfortable furniture, or lacks design elements – it can be easy to say goodbye to it and opt for your indoor space instead.

But, we are here to tell you that you can turn your backyard into an oasis you’ll never want to leave! So forget about texting and being mesmerized by stunning photos on the Houzz app on your iPad because the great outdoors is waiting for you! Follow these three steps and you’ll have an irresistible outdoor space in no time:

  1. Promote Indoor-Outdoor Living

Seamlessly combine your indoor and outdoor living space by replacing a standard door opening with sliding or glass French doors. There are other ways to do this, but this is the most cost-effective solution.

You can also try using the same weatherproof flooring like stone tile outside and in the room leading to your outdoor living space.

  1. Create a Fun Play Area

If we want our family and friends to hide their phones, we have to give them a reason to do so! There are tons of creative ways to do this. For instance, kids and adults alike will love a chalkboard wall. The kiddos love to draw so this will entertain them for hours!

You can even build your own chalkboard with supplies from Home Depot or Lowe’s. Learn more from this DIY Outdoor Chalkboard Tutorial.

child drawing on an outdoor chalkboard

Having games like Cornhole will keep your guests entertained, too. A few more outdoor entertaining ideas: make sure to have a stocked bar area, a fire pit, and the most comfy furniture out there!

  1. Create a Shaded Space

When we define an outdoor space, we are calling that space “ours” and designating it as a spot to relax and unwind. Define your outdoor space by installing a Pergola, Gazebo, or Ramada.

Our Red Cedar Arched Garden Pergola.

Our Red Cedar Arched Garden Pergola.

This is our 10’ x 12’ Red Cedar Arched Garden Pergola outside a Californian’s home. With a charcoal grill to the right, luscious landscaping, comfortable outdoor seating, and an exquisite outdoor structure overhead, this is our customer’s go-to as soon as they walk in the door!

Rebuff the elements with materials made for durability and longevity like our red cedar, yellow pine, heavy-duty vinyl, and our lightweight fiberglass. Shop now at


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